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Saturday, 22 June 2013

How I Keep Track of my Make-up

Hey everyone,

So I wanted to do a post on how I keep track of my make-up.  What I own, what I've purchased and am waiting to be delivered, etc.  It really helps me keep track of everything so I don't double-purchase and of course for insurance purposes.  If anything was to happen to your make-up, having an "inventory" list as I like to call it, will help you with your insurance claims.

I use Excel for mine, however I'm sure there are many other ways you can do this, I just find Excel the easiest.  I have 7 pages and everything is divided into product type.  Eyeshadow, Blush, Lips, Misc. (all other face stuff), Palettes, Brushes and Nail Polishes.  I then break it down into colours.  From there, I give the name of the product, the brand, item description, finish, collection and RRP.

Something to note:  If I have purchased back-ups of products, I put them in the spreadsheet as well.  For instance I own 3 of the Forever Marilyn Beauty Powders that MAC released with the Marilyn Monroe collection in October 2012, so I've put that in three times.  If I use something up, it gets removed.

You also may notice the red text.  I use red text on items I have ordered or are being CP'd for me.  They'll be changed to black once I have received them and I know they're here.  If for whatever reason I don't get them, they stay red until I can re-purchase or I delete the item if it's something that is Limited Edition and I won't be able to get. 

I also total the price up at the bottom of each page.

For reference, the A-F columns are a width of 26.71, I find this gives a decent enough space for typing everything I need.  Everything is also aligned in the middle.

I have taken screenshots of my 7 pages to show you, so hopefully you can get a rough idea!

Forewarning, I do own a lot of MAC.  I am working on expanding my collection outside of MAC, but I will admit it is my current favourite brand so that is what I have the most of.  Keep in mind you also can't see everything on every page.  I plan on making some Inglot purchases soon, so I can't wait to add them to my collection! 

All images are clickable to make them larger so you can read them better!

Nail Polish

As you can see, everything is easily able to be seen and I can check what I have before buying something online very easily.

I hope this is helpful to some of you.  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

How do you keep track of your purchases and collection?  Please let me know in the comments!


  1. I love posts like this. I love seeing how people organize things. It looks so nice :) I should really do this for my eyeshadows, lipsticks and nail polishes because I've lost track of at least those items at this point. I always forget what eyeshadows and nail polishes I have.

  2. Ah I'm glad you like it, Jen! I feel so out of the loop from not blogging for so long. You should, honestly it's just so easy for me now, it's gotten to the point I probably have the list 99% memorised. I think it helps though that my collection is primarily MAC, so I'm not remembering every shadow from every brand. The real challenge will be when I start buying Inglot next month, remember those names will be difficult!

  3. Oooh, you're so well organised! I should do this, but couldn't face cataloging all the things that I've got already!! I've certainly gone and bought things twice because I just forgot I'd got them :oO

  4. Haha, thank you! I try to be! When I'm surrounded by clutter my mind gets cluttered and I panic. My OCD can't handle it! I seriously just love organising, my Mom says I could do it professionally, lol. If I lived near, I'd come organise and catalogue yours just for the fun of it, lol. :)


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