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Monday, 19 December 2011

Christmas Wish List

Hey everyone,

So with only 6 days until Christmas and a tiny bit of spare time on my hands I thought I'd make a quick post with my Christmas wish-list.

I don't usually tend to "ask" for things.. I just hint - strongly. ;)

Typically though I'm now struggling to remember what I asked for.

So if I forget something I'll just add to it later.

1) Clarisonic Classic - I've been wanting this for close to a year now, I really feel like my skin could benefit from this after reading and watching so many reviews.  No matter how much I scrub it, it just doesn't feel or look (to me) "clean". 

2) Liz Earle Skincare Essentials Kit - This is another thing I've wanted to try for quite some time.  I've read and heard tons of reviews on these products and how amazing they are, and some even pair it with the Clarisonic so it's really a bonus extra!

3) Nails Inc set. - I saw a set on QVC of Nails Inc polishes, there was like 8 polishes for £22 - which is a STEAL if you know that Nails Inc polishes cost £11 each.  That's a £66 saving!  I love the quality of Nails Inc but can't ever really justify the cost, so this set would be great.

4) OPI Touring America Polishes - There are a few from this collection I'd like, and as I have a Sally's card I've told my Mom she can use it to go buy them for me, haha!

5) Kindle - I've wanted a Kindle for ages now, and I'd mentioned it quite a while ago but then I remembered I wanted the Clarisonic.  So whether or not I'll get it I don't know.  I can't be too selfish - I do have two younger brothers that need Christmas presents too.  I won't be too bummed out if I don't, but I would LOVE it if I did.

I think that's roughly it!  I know my Mom isn't finished my shopping so I may ask her for a make-up palette of some sort.  Maybe the new BOS from UD?  I'm not really interested in the new Naked2 palette.

What have you guys asked for Christmas? Are you done all your shopping? What about wrapping?

Also!  Please don't forget I have a NEW Twitter account!  I will be deleting my old one so if you'd like to chat to me follow me on Cosmeticicle !  :)

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