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Monday, 4 July 2011


Hey everyone,

So as you can all see - I've made some changes here to the blog.

A lot of these changes I have to admit were due to the #bbloggers chat on Twitter last night on "How To Make Your Blog Look Good" - well, after reading a lot of tweets, I decided some changes were needed to improve the over all look of it.

I want my blog to look and feel professional, which it didn't before.

The header is new and improved (in my opinion) and I've removed the left sidebar as it was just unnecessary to have there. I made sure to add a Twitter "follow" button on the right hand side above the "Followers" so if you're not already following me on twitter, now you can! Another change made, you can view more than one post per page. I also removed the word verification when it came to making comments so as not to discourage anyone from doing so.

My blog can also now be read on mobiles/cell phones.

I also changed my "Sites I Love" section. A lot of people were saying they love a blog roll, and although I had some blogs in there, I decided to make a specific "Blogs I Love" section so they were easier to find.

Now, I come to you for help.

There were several different opinions on personal posts. I, personally, don't usually read them on a blog. However I would like to know what you, my readers, want to see. Would you want personal posts? Or do you prefer I stick to product reviews, hauls, etc? I'm actually unsure of what I would write about in a personal post so if you would like that, perhaps you could share some ideas with me also?

I'd also appreciate any other feedback you can give me and I'll make sure to take everything into account as I want you to love and enjoy reading this as much as I love and enjoy writing it.

Thank you so much!


  1. The new way is much better :) I really prefer it and like it alot :)

  2. Aw thank you! I'm glad. I'm really liking it also!

  3. I love it! It's very clean and easy to navigate.

    And yay, I'm on you favorite blogs list! *hug*

  4. Yay, thank you! Yes, it does seem cleaner and easier to get around. I wasn't too fond of the "Tags/labels" thing, it looked so messy to me.

    Yes you are! I love your blog! *hug*

  5. I really like your posts! i never really write much on my blog, only for reviews... but i changed mine up as well after the #bblogger chat.

  6. Thank you. I'm a bit delayed on some posts unfortunately due to some personal issues that have recently happened but I have many planned!


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