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Sunday, 26 June 2011

MAC Semi-Precious and Fashion Flower Wish-List

Hey everyone,

So as I'm sure you all know MAC is due to release two new collections here in the UK. Fashion Flower and Semi-Precious.

From what I'm aware Fashion Flower is due to release on July 7th at all MAC counters and stores. As for Semi-Precious, no one seems to be 100% sure. I've been asking around and the original rumour was again July 7th, however some are saying it could be June 30th.

The key with any MAC collection release is that they're usually available to order online a day or two before the release date in stores and counters. So if you've been looking around online and like me, don't have a counter or store you can get to - this is great as you can get the items early depending on if you pay extra for shipping or not. I usually just spend £50 and get free standard shipping and usually have my items within 2 days. So if I manage to order early online, I'll have my items by the day it's released in stores - win!

Fashion Flower has already been released in the US and I believe it sold really well, where as Semi-Precious is due for release at the same time as the US.

The Semi-Precious collection is based all around mineralised products. Mainly, mineralised eye shadows, blushes and skin finishes. If you're familiar with them you know that they're baked and have these gorgeous different colours mixed in, so you could get an entire look from just one of these eye shadows. Also included in this collection is a range of lipsticks and creme sheen lip glasses. This is going to be a ridiculously popular collection so if you plan on ordering or buying at a counter or store, I strongly suggest not delaying.

I personally love the look of the mineralised products, however I have no intention of purchasing any. I personally cannot justify nearly £20 for an eye shadow and I can't use a mineralised blush due to the fact I have oily/combination skin and large pores. I'm also not a fan of any type of lip gloss, albeit having a few, they never get used. I'm more of a lipstick girl.

The Fashion Flower collection has six different categories. Lipstick, lipgelee, eye shadow, beauty powder, mascara and eyeliner.

This collection is definitely more "me". The key thing with this collection however, is quite a few of the items released with this collection are in the permanent line of MAC items, so unless you absolutely have to have them when released with the collection, you can breathe a sigh of relief and worry about buying those things at a later date.

Moving on to my wish list.


Gem of Roses lipstick
Musky Amethyst lipstick
One of a Kind lipstick - this is a shade I've decided I'll only get IF I have the money spare, otherwise I'll skip it.

Fashion Flower:

Ever Hip lipstick - my absolute *must* buy item out of both collections.
Lucky Green eye shadow
Free To Be eye shadow

Both of these eye shadows are in the permanent line and I do plan on getting them from the permanent line rather than the limited line with the flower imprint that the shadows will have. I've heard that due to them being pressed more, they're slightly more difficult than the permanent ones to get use out of.

I'm pretty sure that's it. I figure if I miss the Semi-Precious collection if it's released early and my items are sold out, I'll just buy the items from Fashion Flower and other items from the permanent line on my list.

What are you planning on getting from these collections, if anything? Or if you're in the US and have already bought from Fashion Flower, what did you buy? I'd love to know!


  1. You are going to love Ever Hip and Lucky Green. :) I'm probably not going to buy anything from the SP collection anymore. :(

  2. I hope so - I am SO excited for them you have no idea. I almost want to put more money aside for a back up of Ever Hip.

    Why won't you be buying anything? :(


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