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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

MAC Haul

Hi everyone,

So I figured for my first post, what better way to kick off a cosmetic blog than making a Haul post?

Before we get down to it, I'd just like to say I am a complete MAC newbie. I've read blogs and watched YouTube videos for years however I admit to having limited funds so I only get to make MAC purchases/hauls every now and then and have quite a small collection.

Now that's over, down to the goodies!

Humid: Described on the MAC website as an "Intense green with shimmer" and I completely agree. This is definitely a gorgeous colour. It is also a Frost finish.

Cranberry: Described on the MAC website as a "Red-plum with pink shimmer" which again, it is. This is one colour I have wanted for a very long time and it has not disappointed me. This is also a Frost finish.

Sketch: Described on the MAC website as "Burgundy with red shimmer" I have to agree/disagree with this comment at the moment as when I quickly swatched it, I definitely saw the burgundy, but I didn't receive any shimmer pay off. However you can see the shimmer in the pot, so perhaps I need to play with it more. This is a Velvet finished eyeshadow.

Goldmine: Described on the MAC website as "Intense gold with shimmer" I have to agree, it is that. Saying that, photographing this was difficult. It looks so very light in the picture but swatched it really is a beautiful gold with shimmer. This is a Frost finish.

Club: Described on the MAC website as "Red-brown with green pearl". I got this shadow on reccomendation from several different ladies. It is one of the most unique shades I have ever come across. Swatched lightly on the skin, it's simply a red-brown, however as you can see in the photo there is that green duo-chrome which is just absolutely gorgeous if you apply it over a darker/green base. This is a Satin finish eyeshadow.

Pink Swoon: Described on the MAC website as "Clearly pink". It is just that. This is an absolutely gorgeous light pink blush that is a Sheertone finish, meaning it applies very sheerly however it is definitely a buildable colour and looks amazing.

That's it for my first post, I hope it's turned out okay and I hope anyone who reads it enjoys it. If you have any tips/questions/requests etc please let me know. :)

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