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Monday, 30 April 2012

New Storage and Vanity!

Hey everyone,

Long time no see!  Hope you're all doing well.

I decided I'd make a new post finally on my new storage and vanity table I bought from IKEA.

I picked up the 9 drawer ALEX unit and the MALM vanity table - I'm sure you've all seen tons of these but I figured I'd show mine anyway. :)

This is it. Please excuse the mess... lol.

I keep my brushes, eyeliners, eye-makeup remover, fix+, face products, q-tips, cotton balls, cotton rounds and hair products used daily on top along with a mirror and a towel to wipe my brushes off.

This is the first half of the drawer.

In the little plastic tray (old q-tip box) I keep every day items. Eye drops, mascaras, concealer, eye lash curlers, eye primers.  The little square at the back has mini UD 24/7 pencils, tweezers and nail clippers.  Beside that are two powders.

Beside the long tray is my face primer I'm testing out, my EL DW foundation and MAC Mineralised Skin Finish Natural.  I also keep my little make-up bag I take out with me beside it - I have a different powder in there, blotting sheets and interchange lipsticks accordingly.

Beside that are my... 5 I think, MAC quads and an ELF palette.

Moving along (excuse my lounge pants), I have 3 plastic drawer organisers that I bought from Morrisons a while ago.  Eye, face and lips.

Eyes: I keep all my MAC shadows in here (I don't have a 15 palette), some loose NYX shadows, Sugarpill, MUFE, MAC Paint Pot in Painterly and some other random eye products.

Face: I use this to store my cheek products.  MAC blushes, NYX blushes, a NARS blush and some ELF blushes.. I also have my Benefit samples from last year in there and a Bronzer from Bourjois which I don't use as it turns me orange *sigh* lol.

Lips:  I keep all lip products here.  Primarily MAC and NYX lipsticks live in here, some Milani and other random brands but those are the ones I have the most.  I have a couple lipliners, lip glosses which I don't use etc, lol.

Beside that I keep my makeup wipes, eyelash glue and some bobby pins at the back to the right.

This is the top of the ALEX unit.  I keep my perfumes up here, some keep-sake gifts from my 21st birthday, deoderant and a few bits of jewellery.  Mainly my Pandora bracelet, necklace and some random rings.

This top drawer is all nail polish.  OPI, China Glaze, Nails Inc, Revlon, Beauty UK, etc.  I keep my base coat, top coat, strengthener and cuticle oil at the back.

This is my palette drawer.  I have all my eBay palettes at the back, sleek palettes, UD palettes, Sugarpill, NYX etc and a MAC palette from Christmas just gone.

This drawer is just extra space, to be honest.  I keep a body moisturiser in there, my Clarisonic brush heads, teeth whiteners, there's a Lancome lipstick sample in there and an empty Clinique box.  The make-up bag at the back has Clarisonic cleansers in it.

From here I have 2 more drawers this size completely empty (yay for growing room!) and so now I'll show you the bigger drawers.

This first one is hair stuff.  Again - please excuse my lounge pants and slippers, you'll see them a couple more times.

In here I keep my hair dryer, Babyliss Big Hair, some random straighteners, hair brushes, hair ties, bobby pins, and some random products like mousse and hairspray that I rarely use.

This is my LUSH drawer.  Just a mix of bath bombs, bubble bars, face masks, soap etc.

This drawer here is an odd one.  It has a little nail station thing that I do my nails on, random bits of nail stuff like quick dry spray, nail files etc.  I also keep lashes in here and face paints.

This is the final drawer.  I keep extra things in here like cotton rounds, q-tips, cotton balls, make-up wipes, brush cleanser and garbage bags for my mini garbage under the table.

This is just a bit more of a close up of the desk.  I'm still thinking of adding a mirror behind it - but we'll see.  I also have a picture of my Mom on her wedding day to my Dad that I plan on putting up beside there.

Hope you've enjoyed this!  I'm so happy and excited to have it so organised, I completely outgrew my last storage area and I feel like this just looks so much more adult and ... professional, albeit my not being one.

Talk soon! 

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  1. I love your set-up, it is quite literally my dream set-up:)

  2. Aw, thank you so much! I'm in love with it myself, couldn't be happier!

    I've been on a bit of a shopping spree lately though - so I'm filling up the extra room rather quickly - oops! :)

  3. Im looking at getting the Alex unit soon, thanks for your post its given me lots of ideas on how it will look. I have a white glass dressing table so my set up will be pretty similar to yours! New follower :) xx



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