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Saturday, 15 October 2011

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation Review

Hey everyone,

So recently I went to my local House of Fraser and got matched for the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation in the shade Shell.

Rather than buy this straight away, I took home a sample to use.  The first time I wore the sample my skin looked amazing.  The colour matched me perfectly, all flaws were hidden and I didn't even need to use concealer due to the sheer epicness of this foundation.

Then we come to last night.  I have been sick for the past week and a bit and I'm still recovering, but I was going out to a friends house and decided to try it again.  This time... I looked like a ghost.  I'm usually as pale as you can get, "Ivory" in most foundation brands is usually too dark for me.. but dear lord there IS something lighter than me.  

I don't know if maybe it is the SPF in this foundation, or whether it's just completely matched incorrectly... but I looked like a ghost.. or like I was wearing a mask.  Let me show you.

Isn't that INSANE?!  Then again, I think my camera hates me as my chest/arms are NOT that tanned at all.

The unfortunate part is this - someone bought me this foundation in THIS shade because it was what looked great on me the last time I wore it and I told them it was this shade that was for me.  So now, I have an unopened bottle of Double Wear, with no receipt to take it back to Boots.

Time to break it down.

It's a liquid foundation that claims to have "medium" coverage but is definitely more full coverage than medium to me.  However it is a buildable foundation so you can choose to make it more full if you'd like.
It has SPF 10 in it, which I find to be quite useless but heyho! 

It claims to have 15hrs of staying power. - After 15hrs it's not perfect, but it is still there.

The finish is "natural" to "semi-matte" - Personally I'd say this is a "natural" finish rather than "semi-matte"

Is it worth the price tag?  If you're matched correctly - absolutely.

The one downfall I can find is the packaging.  I'm sure most of you know this comes in a beautiful glass bottle - but no pump!  So I'd suggest using something to scoop the foundation out of the bottle so you don't use more than necessary.  Would not want to waste any of this stuff.

I hope you're all doing well!  Let me know if you have any questions, it's been a while since I have done a review so I'll be sure to answer them!

EDIT:  In the middle of writing this post I went into town with no make-up on with my bottle of Shell in hand.  I was able to exchange it for another shade, the lady matched me to Ecru.  I'll update you on how it is once I've tried it out properly.


  1. Glad you got the right shade in the end! Odd that one shade matched you one day and then didn't the next =/

  2. Thanks Sinead! Fingers crossed Ecru is the right one for me! The lady said I can exchange it if it's not which is good. I agree it's odd. I wish I knew what happened. :/

  3. I never personally tried estee lauder foundation. Did it break you out at all?

  4. Hi Ava! Nope, it didn't break me out. I'm still not having any luck finidng a perfect skintone match though! Shame, because I love the product so much.

  5. The flashback is super annoying isnt it! Like you sais in my comments two shades to get your perfect shade is not on at all, i'm between two shades as well outdoor beige is too pale and sometimes wheat is too dark..ugh x

  6. *said...honestly i'm having a hard job spelling today haha!


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