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Thursday, 21 July 2011


Hey everyone,

Decided I'd do my NOTW.

You'll notice that this week it's actually much neater than when I do my nails as I chose a colour from the salon when I got them filled.

I was taking forever to decide, as I usually do and found this pretty pink Orly colour.

I've never used Orly before and when I went to Boots later that day to find this specific shade (because I love it so much) I didn't see it there so I'll have to try and order it online.

As my nails were done for me, I don't have the bottle to show you but I did remember to look on the bottom of the bottle at the name so I could be sure to tell you exactly which it is. I'm holding a bottle however, I'm using my China Glaze "White on White" polish.

I'd also like to quickly apologise about the photos. It's been pouring with rain here every day for the past two weeks and the best "natural" lighting I can get happens to be cloudy. I also happened to be sitting in my car waiting for my brothers to get out of school when I took these. Yes, I received some very odd looks.

Orly Berry Blast.

This colour, is just gorgeous. It's light, peachy pink in my opinion with a very subtle shimmer. It seems to change from more peach to pink depending on the lighting. I've never come across a polish of this colour before so I'm very pleased with my choice -- I love it so much it will be hard not to choose it again, as I love to try and wear a different colour each week. (I know, right?) I get bored far too easily and a week is usually all I can handle.

This is two thin coats of Berry Blast and it dried quite quickly, albeit cheating and using their nail dryer for 5mins, when I left she told me not to do anything for 10mins to avoid smudging (I asked if I could leave, rather than wait it out, lol) however, being me, I did do things. I'd put on a pair of pants a size too big that day so I was constantly pulling them up every minute or so - however they didn't smudge. Whilst walking around Boots, picking things up, swatching things etc - they still didn't smudge so I'd say all was good.

The wearing time thus far has been great, however that usually tends to be the case with acrylic nails (in my opinion).

Have you tried this colour before or do you have it? What's your opinion on it?


  1. I've only tried a few polishes and I didn't think they were anything special this is gorgeous though :)
    I love colours that seem to change colur slightly depending on the lighting - this is being added to the wishlist!! x

  2. Isn't it? I'm in love with it! Glad I could help feed your addiction! :) x

  3. Wow that is an amazing colour!

  4. This looks so pretty on your nails :)

    Love Christine ♥

  5. Sinead - I totally agree!

    Christine - Thank you! :)


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