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Monday, 11 July 2011

MAC Swatches & A Couple Comparisons

Hey everyone,

So if you read my last post about my MAC haul, you know I planned to do some swatches of the stuff I bought.

Well, that's all fine and dandy. However I bought more lipsticks than I usually do and decided while I swatched them, I'd go through the lipsticks I already have to see if there is any comparisons. I only found two, however for those of you who can't necessarily afford MAC or would just prefer a cheaper version, I have one you may be happy about.

So, onto the swatches!

MAC Hibiscus Lipstick:
Described as a "Bright Orange Coral" it is definitely that. Unfortunately the swatch isn't as great as it could be, but it's a very gorgeous colour and I'm so glad I have it.

MAC Ever Hip Lipstick: Described as a "Bright Creamy Coral" again, it is what it says it is. This is a gorgeous colour and I'm so happy I didn't miss out on it. I think it'll rapidly become a favourite - how I wish I had a back-up! I really do think most people would be able to pull off this shade.

MAC Gem of Roses Lipstick: Described as a "Midtone Strawberry Pink". I love the colour of this lipstick. I feel it's suitable for most everyone to wear. It's very sheer, very "every day" wearable. A very pretty colour.

MAC Free To Be Eye Shadow: Described as a "Bright True Coral", I'd say this is quite accurate. It has a Matte finish. It's a very, very pretty colour. I honestly have no idea quite how I'm going to incorporate it into a look yet, but I can't wait to try.

MAC Lucky Green Eye Shadow: Described as a "Frosty Midtone Lime" this shade is amazing! It has a Veluxe Pearl Finish. It's smooth as butter, highly pigmented and just absolutely gorgeous.

Swatches of Free To Be and Lucky Green: Aren't these gorgeous?!

Now on to the remaining two swatches, which I compared to two other colours I had in my stash. I unfortunately had nothing at all similar to the other ones, so this will have to do!

MAC Musky Amethyst Lipstick: Described as a "Deep Plum" shade, I was originally going to pass on this lipstick as I did think I had something similar in my stash, however I couldn't be positive as I don't have a MAC counter/store anywhere near me to test it out. Of course, I bought it. The reason I bought it being the swatches I saw on Temptalia's website made them look different. Similar shade, but different in opacity. Also, xSparkage's swatch of this sold me on it. However -- with that being said, I still love both. So which shade is it, that's some-what similar? Cunning Lipstick from the Fabulous Felines Collection. I *believe* this came out in 2010, however it honestly may have been 2009, I can't remember. In the swatch, I'm sure you won't be able to see much of a difference, but to me there is in person.

Left: MAC Musky Amethyst Right: MAC Cunning

MAC Girl About Town: Described as "Fabulous Fuchsia" this lipstick is not for the faint-hearted. It is loud, bright and pink. I am a major, major fan of this lipstick. The lipstick I compared it to, is Milani's "Rose Hip". Again, a bright fuchsia, however you may not be able to tell in the swatch photo, but GAT is brighter and deeper, but not by much.

Left: MAC Girl About Town Right: Milani Rose Hip

I hope you enjoyed!


  1. really pretty, Gem of Roses would def suit any skintone.

  2. Brilliant lipstick choices! I am in love with gem of roses!

  3. ugh ever hip lipstick is soo nice! too bad I missed out on it when FF was being sold here in the US :( you make me want it more now! lol

  4. Sidrah - I agree, it would suit everyone!

    The Make-up Fairy - Thank you so much! I'm loving them all!

    UrbanMermaid - Thank you, it's gorgeous, isn't it?!

    Sofiamichelle - Aw I'm so sorry! I missed out on it in the LoL collection last year and it's so great! Hope you can get your hands on one!


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