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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara Review

Hey everyone,

So today I'm doing a review on the Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara.

I had seen this used by Pixiwoo a few times before I decided to buy this.  I'm the type of person that really struggles with big mascara wands and trying to apply it to your bottom lashes without smudging it everywhere can prove to be quite a challenge, so I finally bit the bullet and bought it. As you can see, I bought it in 01 Black.

First let me point out just how small this is.

As you can see, this is a very small mascara tube.  I'm sure many of you expected it, I did also.. However it did surprise me just HOW small it is.  That's okay though, it does the job well.

I really do love this mascara.  It's small, it applies so easily and I've had less smudges than ever.  It reaches in to the inner and outer most corners with ease,  there is no clumping at all and it doesn't give you those horrible "spider" lashes.  It does take a bit of getting used to using such a small wand, but you soon do and I don't think people with problems would regret the purchase.

Like I said, the wand is tiny - but it does the job!  One thing I did find a tad off was that the tube actually says nothing on it.  The pretty flower design you see is all that is on there.  No where does it say "Clinique" or "Bottom Lash Mascara" - thankfully I know it is a real one as I bought it from a Clinique counter, otherwise I'd maybe assume it was a fake.

This costs £10 at your local Clinique counter or on their website and can be purchased in Black or Brown/Black.

Overall: I love this product. I will repurchase it and I recommend it to anyone else who has difficulty applying mascara to their bottom lashes.

Do you have this?  If so, what's your opinion on it?  If you don't, have you thought about purchasing it?


  1. I've been wanting this for a while because I struggle with the bottom lashes too! Hmmm, we will have to see :) xxx

  2. It's definitely worth the price, Amy! :) xxx


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