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Monday, 18 July 2011

BeautyUK Shatter Polish Review and Swatches

Hey everyone,

So today I am doing a review on the BeautyUK Shatter Polishes.  Last week on Twitter, they had a competition to win them and I, surprisingly, was the lucky winner!

Random photo of my cat with the polishes

I won them on the Friday and received them on the Tuesday.  I'd actually not even realised what it was until I opened it because they'd told me they would send it on Monday and I'd completely forgotten about it.  When it arrived in the mail, my Step-Dad handed me 2 packages.  Of course, one of them I knew was from a recent eBay purchase of some nail wheels, however I was confused as to what was in the 2nd as I hadn't recalled buying anything.  So with that ramble over, I can definitely say their delivery is amazingly quick!

Upon opening the package, everything was nicely bubble wrapped and the polishes were in little boxes with bubble wrap surrounding them so they were not to get broken.  I received a lovely letter from them also, which to me always seems so personal, like the company really cares about their customers.

Now then, onto the products themselves.

L-R: Matte Top Coat, Glam Rock, Punk, Night Fever, Goth

I was lucky enough to win all of their Shatter polishes.  Pink, Black, Silver and Gold.  Much to my surprise though, when I opened the package there was a fifth polish in there that they hadn't stated would be in the giveaway!  Their Matte Top Coat!

So what do I think of these polishes?

Glam Rock

Silver (Glam Rock) - This one is my favourite.  Everything I put it over, I liked.  It was the easiest of the polishes to use, in my opinion.  It's very opaque, it goes on smoothly and it dries quickly.


Pink (Punk) - This is my second favourite.  After the Silver, it was the easiest to use.  I did have a couple issues with getting it to work, it seemed a tad clumpy however I do wonder if that had to do with the fact the polish underneath wasn't completely dry or not?  My favourite combination I tried is this over white and silver polish.

Night Fever

Gold (Night Fever) - I wanted to love this polish, however I never had much success with it.  Every polish I put it over, it didn't crackle properly.  Half of the nail would, but the other half just looked like brush strokes - no crackle effect at all really.  The only colour I liked this over was black.


Black (Goth) - I had high hopes for this polish, as I love my China Glaze "Black Mesh" Crackle Polish, I was hoping I could recommend this one to my readers as it's a cheaper option.  Unfortunately, I don't feel like I can.  I put this over every single base colour I tried.  Red, white, silver, gold, pink and a green-ish colour and it crackled the same way every single time.  In the end, when I didn't like how the gold crackle looked on a couple colours, I decided to try and apply the black over it but using a different brush stroke each time.  Diagonally on one nail and zig-zag on another.  This did seem to help how it crackled however I unless you're quite precise or you don't mind cleaning up a lot of mess, it appears it's going to crackle the same every time.

Matte Top Coat

As for the Matte Top Coat, I'm really not quite sure what there is to say about it.  It does exactly what the name suggests.  It makes a glossy/shimmery nail polish matte.  It has a good texture, only took one coat to get the desired effect and it was easy to use.

I admit I have only worn the silver shatter polish on my own nails, however I wore it for at least 5 days without any problems what so ever.  Not that you would actually be able to properly tell if a shatter polish had chipped, nor that it would matter.

So what do they look like applied?  I'll show you.

Overall, I'd recommend buying the Silver, Pink and Matte Top Coat however at the prices they cost, there is no reason you can't try them all - maybe you'll have better luck than I did.

All of these polishes retail at £2.99 each and can be bought on the BeautyUK website.  Which, in my opinion, is an absolute bargain for the quality you're getting.  If I hadn't won these, I would have definitely purchased them.

Do you have any of these polishes?  What was your experience with them?  If you don't, do you plan on buying any of them?


  1. Great review....loving these nail effects
    just saw your blogger interview on Miss fashion beauty's blog :) great going :)

  2. Thank you, I'm glad you like it!
    Aw thank you, I love Holly. Thank you for following! :)

  3. thanks for the review!!!

  4. Wooo! Congratulations, again :P

    I like the three on one nail effect that you did with them. I'm meaning to try the pink because I haven't seen one THAT neon flourescent yet, and perhaps the gold. But the W7 is cheaper so I'm not sold on it yet!

  5. Mika - Anytime!

    Lena - Thanks, that was more because I'd been lazy the day I got them and couldn't be bothered painting more black nails on the wheel, haha! The pink is pretty, definitely applies better than the gold but I'm starting to wonder if the gold acted up because the nail was so long? Not sure though. I haven't heard of W7!

  6. Omgsh your cat is so cute! Congrats btw! Those polishes are really reasonable! If only we had them here in the states xD ooh and love the turquoise and black combo.
    P.s. I have an award for you on my bloggy ;)

  7. I love the idea of the gold one over the black but the effect doesn't seem as nice as the others :)
    by the way your cat is completely adorable!! x

  8. Sofia - Thank you, I do love him! They really are reasonable, I may buy some for a giveaway so my US readers can maybe win some! Thank you! <3

    Rachel - Thanks, I definitely prefer the black over the silver myself. Or the silver over the black.. haha. Thank you! x


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